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Email to talk about your goals, whether it's learning to swim, improving technique or if you just want some different sessions to mix into your training program.

Adults, children, toddlers, mums and babes, all ages!

Adults lessons
Lessons for children
Swimming for toddlers
Mums/Dads and babies

We know that everyone looks at swimming differently.  You might want to get in the water with your kids and know you are all are safe and controlled in the water.  Or perhaps you like the competitive side of swimming and are looking to hone your technique, dives and turns.  Or maybe you just want to begin to get comfortable in the water to make a start.  Whatever your goal, we will do everything we can to accommodate you.

About The Swim School


We do things a little differently here.  We provide specialist swimming lessons tailored to the individuals needs, but unlike most swim schools that say that,  we actually do it.  Most of our sessions are longer than your average swimming lessons, and we take the time to benchmark and record meaningful progress of every swimmer.  We also like to make sure we feed back as much as possible to students and parents on progress and next steps.  We provide holiday intensive courses, term-time lessons, diving lessons and more (see below).

While you wait there is a games room for the kids, and coffee, cake and a nail bar for mum.

We hope you chose to have a go at our fantastic swim school and make meaningful progress with us.


Beautiful well maintained private 14 metre pool
Nail bar
Games room
Private free parking
24 Hours private security

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